Voting Information Project


The Voting Information Project is a database of election information made accessible to citizens via mobile device. The application provides an intuitive interface for users to find data about upcoming elections, such as where to vote, directions to polling location, issues on the ballot, and even candidates’ contact information.

My Roles

  • UX Design
  • Visual Design


Step 1: Wireframes

For the wireframing process I worked closely with the product manager to transfer the experience from iOS to Android. There were several major layout differences between the two experiences.

  • I wasn’t part of the team who originally developed the iOS application.
  • I was new to native Android design.
  • This project really allowed me to parse the differences in experience and interface design between iOS and Android applications.
  • I learned more from this project than starting a native app from scratch.

Step 2: Visual Design

For the visual design phase, I had the opportunity to study and research Android design patterns. I utilized a flat color pallet and high contrast typography to ensure a readible experience on the go.

  • Short turnaround time.
  • No time or resources available for user testing externally.
  • Learned to be efficient and lean when designing under a time crunch.
  • Learned how to make internal testing and feedback useful.

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